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If you are interested in being a “Bell steward” get involved with us. We are currently looking for Stewards within this area, below.

Mutual Air is an art project that hopes to call attention to the way that our air is used, and how much air quality can change at a micro-scale. It is a series of bells that respond to air quality. The project will help residents of Oakland connect to their shared resource of air, sense how unevenly polluted it is, and encourage them to get involved in making things better.

We are seeking individuals and groups who are interested in “hosting” a bell for 6-9 months. We will take care of installation, maintenance, and removal, but are looking for people who would be willing to let us install a bell at their home, business, organization, or place of worship.

What do they do?

Once a day, the bells will tell the daily average of CO2 in the global atmosphere and, moment to moment, the relative amount of particulate matter (PM) in the air. The sensors are inexpensive and not precisely calibrated but should give a good general idea of how much PM pollution there is in the area.

Why participate?

Bell “hosts” will receive special training and workshops about air quality. You’ll learn more about the quality of the air near you and you’ll be able to share that information with the public –helping to create conditions for getting air quality equity in Oakland. Once the project is runnning you’ll be able to access data that the chimes record and share it with the public. All participants in the project will get passes to the Exploratorium and a gift card as a thankyou for participating.

What are you looking for in a host?

We are looking for locations that are near schools, parks, and busy streets or places that people gather. We are looking for hosts who are enthusiastic and want to know about their air. The bells will be installed by January 2019 and deinstalled by May 2019. You are not liable in any way for theft or damage.

What do they sound like? How loud are they?

The bells are fairly quiet. Most of the time they will be silent. They have no amplification. When there is a local source of pollution, they sound like wind chimes and, once a day they make a woodblock sound. There will be many ways to turn them off or down. Bells will have a manual shutoff as well as a control panel on-line and a phone number to call for assistance.

I’m interested! How do I sign up or learn more?

Leave a message for our outreach team, Annette and Ramy, at (510)-560-7688 or e-mail.

2.Take Action

Mutual Air is produced in partnership with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP) and seeks to give a public presence to the idea of local community-monitoring - particularly in the West Prescott neighborhood where proximity to the port, industry, and diesel truck routes create a persistently poor air quality.

Here are some ways that you can turn monitoring into results and improve the air quality for Oakland residents.

  1. Join forces with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project to get involved with the campaigns below and to help survey truck traffic in West Oakland. Contact Brian at WOEIP

  2. Help further electrification at the Port of Oakland. Get involved with the Port of Oakland's Maritime Air Quality Plan - 2020 and Beyond See a list of public meetings. To read the plan itself.

  3. Reduce illegal diesel truck traffic. Get involved with the City of Oakland's West Oakland TRUCK MANAGEMENT PLAN.

  4. get involved with the new West Oakland Air Quality Action Plan by contacting WOEIP.